Good Guy With Gun Stops Potential School Shooter In His Tracks

A potential massacre was narrowly avoided in Wisconsin when a good guy with a gun saved the day by confronting a gun toting student.

A Waukesha Police officer shot the armed male student on Monday at Waukesha South High School around, NBC News reported.

“A student at the school had alerted a school resource officer around 10 a.m. that a classmate had a gun, Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack said,” NBC News said.

“The resource officer and Waukesha police and sheriff’s deputies who were called to the school tried to de-escalate the situation, but were not able to,” it said.

“The suspect would not remove his hands from his pocket and continued to ignore officers’ commands,” the chief said.

“The suspect removed his handgun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers,” he said to reporters.

“An officer was forced to discharge his firearm, striking the suspect,” the chief said, noting that there were not other injuries.

The armed student was arrested and is in stable condition after being shot by the 11-year-officer of the force.

“These kids start running out from the classroom directly across from us, and one of them goes ‘he’s got a gun,’” sophomore at the school told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Should armed guards be at every school?

“With the teacher being out there, I was glad she was out there, she just got us into the classroom right away, so we were in lockdown before they even announced it,” the student said.

Another student said, in an email to The Journal-Sentinel, that the students were in a lockdown drill at 10 a.m.

“When that occurs we hide in the corners and turn off the lights and lock the doors. Minutes later we heard screaming and then heard 2 gunshots,” she said.

“They were right next to my classroom so we all went into shock even my teacher hid with us. We stayed down for like 20 minutes and the actual lockdown sound went out.

“Our police officer went on the speaker and said to stay on hold and we have been in the classroom ever since,” she said.

The shooting happened on the same day that a Twitter campaign, “Gun Laws Save Lives,” was happening.

But there was no gun law that stopped a massacre from occurring at this high school. Only an armed officer who stopped it in its tracks.


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