Clothing Company Now Offering Underwear with Dr. Fauci’s Name on It


For everyone who wants a relic of Dr. Anthony Fauci next to your skin and figures $22 a pop is a deal for a bikini bottom, a Los Angeles-based company has the answer.

You guessed it: Bikini underwear bearing the name of the man who has become America’s most well known infectious disease guru during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Anthony Fauci may be an unlikely sex symbol,” Canava proclaims on its website, where interested shoppers can buy women’s black bikini underwear with the doctor’s name emblazoned across the front in a shade of blue.

“We are living in unlikely times, and we heard you loud and clear that you wanted to show their ‘appreciation’ with more than a thank you. Viola Fauci bikinis,” the website says.

The site says anyone wishing to proclaim their devotion to the doctor in this manner will also be helping a good cause.

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“The best part is that when you snag this limited edition, we will be matching dollar for dollar any NYC Limited Edition product purchased with an equal product donation to healthcare workers in the NYC area, we want them to be able to rest, recharge and relax when they get home,” the product description reads.

The company also makes underwear for those who feel the need to act upon their devotion to either New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo or California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“THIRSTY? We hear you, us too. We have been so impressed with @nygovcuomo since we’ve been in lockdown. We have created a limited edition NYC set of products that we’re making as a thank you to him and the wonderful healthcare heroes in our beloved NYC!” the company said on its Instagram page in promoting its Cuomo-emblazoned undies.

“When you put his name on your undies, we will be matching dollar for dollar any NYC Special Edition product purchased with an equal product donation to healthcare workers in the NYC area. We want them to be able to rest, recharge, and relax as much as possible when they get home,” said the company, which calls itself a “profit-for-purpose” brand.

Do you think these products are in poor taste?

In hawking its Newsom line of briefs, the company told shoppers: “Consider yourselves heard. There are lots of you loving on Governor Gavin Newsom (we understand you), so we rushed to make sure there’s a way to show your love.”

“With these limited edition undies, you can represent while also giving back because we’re matching dollar for dollar any California Limited Edition product purchased. We will be sending a product donation to healthcare workers in the state, we want them to be able to rest, recharge, and relax when they get home,” the site says.

Anyone wanting to take their worship of Fauci a couple of steps further can read “Happy Endings,” a 1991 romance novel that was inspired by Fauci.

“I had not met him before. I knew who he was, because he was the famous AIDS doctor,” author Sally Quinn told CNN. “We just sort of immediately got into a very intense conversation, and I just found him riveting, and unbelievably attractive, and charismatic. I thought he was brilliant.”

“I thought he was really sexy,” she said.

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“He’s become this great sex symbol, and it was kind of like who knew? I just wrote it the way I saw it, and suddenly here 30 years later, it’s all coming true, except that he’s not having an affair with the first lady,” she said, referring to the plot of her book.

For those with a different taste, Fauci doughnuts also exist, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Donuts Delite in Rochester, New York, began making the doughnuts in March, and has shipped them all over the country ever since.

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