Because of New NY State Law, Man Arrested and Released Three Times in One Day

In an insane turn of events the new bail reform law in New York state has led to police arresting and releasing an alleged criminal three times in one day.

Via Jonathan Turley:

Just a week after a New York man with 139 arrests was released under New York’s new bail-reform law thanked Democrats, the police union protested another case where a man, Scott Nolan, was arrested three times in one day but released each time under the new law. Nolan’s criminal record is 50 pages long.

According to WRBG-TV, Nolan was arrested on Monday at 9 a.m. in Troy on suspicion of shoplifting and given a court appearance ticket. Then at 2:30 p.m., he was arrested again for an alleged assault and again released. Then two hours later, he was arrested again for hitting someone with a brick and given a third ticket for a court appearance.

Police are outraged that they no longer have the ability to hold such recidivists for bail.

This is not only ridiculous it is extremely dangerous to the public.

How can a man who has a criminal record that spans 50 pages be arrested and released three times in a single day?

What is shows is that Democrats and leftists (same thing) in this country have completely lost their collective minds and have no business running anything.

It sure seems electing Democrats these days comes at a heavy price for those who have to live under their governance.

Should NY State’s new bail reform law be repealed?

WBRG-TV Albany has more on this insanity:

The states new bail laws tangled up Troy Police in a game loop of catch and release. They arrested Scott Nolan three times in seven hours yesterday.

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Around 9am they arrested him and charged him for shoplifting. He was released with an appearance ticket.

Hours later, they say he assaulted a man just before 2:30pm. He was arrested and released again.

Then just before 4:30pm they say he hit another person with a brick. Police charged him with second degree attempted assault and third degree criminal possession of a weapon, which kept him in custody.

Again, this is totally insane.

That said, the people of New York state are getting the government they deserve.

By continuously electing foolish misguided Democrats to run their state, they’ve done it to themselves.

Now they’re getting a dose of progressive politics that they hopefully will not soon forget.


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